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April 27th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

I bring you 50 pretty pics from April 15 of Isla filming on the streets of New York City. Enjoy!

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Isla’s Valentine film, Definitely, Maybe, will be released in North America on Region 1 DVD on June 24. From MovieWeb:

You can bring home Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin and a cast of others home on DVD this June. Definitely, Maybe is coming to DVD on June 24. The disc will be priced at $29.98 SRP. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher, Derek Luke, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz.

When Will Hayes, a 30-something Manhattan dad, decides to tell his 10-year-old daughter, Maya, the story of how he met her mother, she starts to question him about his life before marriage. As Will tells the story of his younger years, he weaves in anecdotes about his three most meaningful relationships, leaving Maya to guess which of the women became her mother. Maya gradually begins to understand the complexity of love as Will realizes that a second look at the past might also give him a second chance at the future.

Special Features
– Commentary with director Adam Brooks and Ryan Reynolds
– Deleted scenes
– Creating a Romance making of featurette
– Changing Times of Definitely, Maybe production design featurette

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You can check out a neat Confessions of a Shopaholic ET set visit video over at ET Online. It features some footage and an interview with Isla Fisher and co. I’ve added screencaptures in the gallery; a downloadable video is coming soon.

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Some new photos from the set of Confessions of a Shopaholic in Manhattan, New York. Isla walks down in a street in a purple dress and the famous UGG boots. :love:

April 13th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Isla was again photographed on the set of Confessions of a Shopaholic yesterday in Manhattan, New York. Dressed in a beautiful blue skirt and UGG boots, she’s pictured taking a coffee break from filming.

April 9th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

I have finished capping and clipping Wedding Daze, which, by the way, is one of my favorite Isla roles to date. If you have not seen it yet, then what are you waiting for?! It really is a must see for all the fans.

The Lookout will finally be released on DVD in the UK on April 14 so expect captures and videos as soon as I get my copy.

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It’s only fitting that Becky Bloomwood would browse the aisles of one of the city’s most popular shopping destinations when she was in town yesterday.

Isla Fisher, who stars as Bloomwood, the lead character in the upcoming Confessions of a Shopaholic flick, was filming yesterday at United House Wrecking on Hope Street with co-stars John Goodman and Joan Cusack.

In the new movie, the Wedding Crashers actress plays a financial journalist who knows more about the marketplace than the stock market, and her shopping obsession threatens to destroy her love life and career.

The antiques emporium’s parking lot was transformed into a New Jersey flea market – the “Nutley Stop & Swap” – for a scene in which Fisher is strolling the aisles of vintage toys and bric-a-brac while wearing knee-high metallic boots and chatting away on her cell phone. Goodman and Cusack, who play her less-fashionable parents, are seen in the background haggling over merchandise.

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April 5th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Another set has been added of Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy filming Confessions of a Shopaholic this past week in Manhattan. These are super cute!

We also have a new family site, James McAvoy Fan, dedicated to Isla’s Swimming Pool boyfriend.