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Have a browse through fans and other celebrities who look like Miss Fisher! Has someone told you you look like Isla? Do you think there’s another celebrity out there that looks like her? Maybe you’ve spotted another celeb wearing the same outfit as her? Here’s the place to see those lookalikes!

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Spot The Difference!

An Isla Fisher look-a-likes page would not be complete without the mention of her biggest look-a-like/doppelganger … Amy Adams! Isla and Amy are very regularly confused for one another, with some people even thinking they are the same person (whether they were being serious or not when saying this is another question). What do you think?

They obviously have the same gorgeous red hair, mega-watt smile, and are both petite … but beyond that… do the similarities end? If you’re really struggling to tell the difference, look closely at their eyes – Isla has brown eyes, and Amy’s are blue.

Do you think Isla and Amy look alike? Send us your thoughts on the subject, and we’ll post the best ones here.


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Celebrities who’ve worn the same outfit as Isla

Some designer dresses are just so popular, several celebrities all want to be seen in them. Hover over the thumbnails below to find details on the dress and who wore it first, and click the thumbnails to see each celebrity wearing the dress.


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