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There are no shortage of words to describe our luminous and zesty Isla Fisher. Here are some of the words we’d use to describe Isla … and if you have any other words you’d use then please submit them below!

A – amazing, awesome, aus-some, Australian, adorable, actress, animated

B – bubbly, brown-eyed, bewitching, brilliant, beautiful

C – celebrity, cool, charismatic, confident, cheerful, classy, circus-freak (her words, not ours!), creative, clown

D – dazzling, daugter, delightful

E – electric, enchanting, exceptional, exuberant, exciting, excellent, eager, entertaining

F – friendly, funny, fashionable, fantastic, fabulous, fresh

G – great, giggly, gorgeous, gracious, genuine, glamourous, glistening, gutsy, gifted

H – hilarious, hysterical, happy

I – interesting, inspiring

J – joyous

K – kind

L – love-able, loved, luminous

M – mummy, married, movie-star, marvellous, miniature, mega-talented

N – nice, novelist

O – one-of-a-kind

P – private, petite, pretty,

Q – quirky

R – red-head, radiant

S – star, successful, special, sparkling, stunning, smart

T – terrific, talented,

U – unique

V – vibrant, vivacious

W – wife, writer, wonderful

X – x-tra funny

Y – young

Z – zesty


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