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Whilst browsing for Burke & Hare videos earlier, I came across an Australian trailer for the film that I hadn’t posted here before. The film was released in Isla’s home country back in May.

I also found a clip from the film.

We’ll have screencaps from the DVD (which is available to buy in the UK now) in the next few weeks … 🙂

Burke & Hare – Australian Trailer by Paramount_Australia

Burke & Hare-Can I See You Again by Paramount_Australia

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A new trailer for Burke & Hare has been released, as promotion for it’s upcoming September 9th theatrical release in the US. The trailer is available here at, but unfortunately I can’t view it or therefore embed it … hopefully some of you can, though…

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Johnny Depp talks about how Rango is different from other animated movies


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Australian actress Isla Fisher stars alongside Johnny Depp in new animated Western flick Rango (in cinemas now).

We caught up with the star to find out how she found her latest role as a lizard and her motivation behind doing the film.

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CBS have now posted the video of Isla’s appearance on their show earlier this week, and you can view it by clicking the link below (they’ve sadly disabled embedding).

Screencaps coming soon.


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Screencaps from both shows are already in the Gallery!


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Isla appeared on the Rachael Ray show this morning (sorry I didn’t let you know beforehand – I wasn’t aware of the appearance til just now!) to promote Rango, and a short clip from the segment has been posted on Rachael’s official website.

If anyone can provide us with a full clip from Isla’s appearance then please get in touch!

Isla Fisher cracked up moviegoers with her hilarious turns in Wedding Crashers and Confessions of a Shopaholic, and now she’ll be entertaining younger audiences with two new animated features: Rango with Johnny Depp, and The Rise of the Guardians with Hugh Jackman. And despite being a mom of two now, Isla tells Rachael that she didn’t pick these films in hopes that one day her girls would enjoy them. “I don’t think that far ahead,” she laughs. “I was really excited to do Rango because I love director Gore Verbinski, who directed Pirates of the Caribbean, and I love Johnny Depp – who doesn’t?”

Watch the video about to see Isla explain which two actors she based her character’s voice on, and why she turned down a kiss from co-star Johnny Depp! Plus, enter here for a chance to win a copy of The Ballad of Rango: The Art and Making of an Outlaw Film.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE (embedding disabled)

Backstage Pass: Isla Fisher

The Rango star shares three things you don’t know about her! Plus, tune in today when Isla explains why she passed up the opportunity to kiss co-star Johnny Depp!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE (embedding disabled)

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Isla Fisher is the voice of Beans, a character who serves as the love interest of the titular character (Johnny Depp) in Rango. “She is a very strong, very decisive, a very confident lizard and she’s kind of the co-hero of the movie,” says the actress, who previously starred in Confessions of a Shopaholic and Definitely, Maybe. “So it was really exciting for me to be in a movie where I wasn’t the damsel in distress, where I was a strong woman and a good role model for young girls out there.”

Click on the Media Bar and listen to Fisher talk about why she had her share of fun doing Rango.