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Have a look at this fun new motion poster for Now You See Me! View the posters for the other cast at

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Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Great Gatsby for such a successful opening at the US box office!

‘Great Gatsby’ gives ‘Iron Man 3? a run for its money

Gatsby looks almost as great as a superhero at the weekend box office.

Leonard DiCaprio’s “The Great Gatsby” partied like it was the Roaring ’20s with a $51.1 million debut that made it a surprisingly strong runner-up to comic-book blockbuster “Iron Man 3.”

Studio estimates Sunday put “Gatsby” at No. 2 behind Robert Downey Jr.’s superhero sequel, which pulled in $72.5 million domestically to raise its total to $284.9 million after just 10 days in U.S. theaters.

With an additional $89.3 million in its third weekend overseas, “Iron Man 3? lifted its international total to $664.1 million and its worldwide haul to $949 million.

“The Great Gatsby” far exceeded expectations by distributor Warner Bros. of a $35 million to $40 million opening weekend.

Director Baz Luhrmann’s 3-D adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic was a rare box-office smash for films aimed at older adults during the youth-minded summer season. According to Warner Bros., viewers over 25 made up 69 percent of the film’s audience.

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Isla Fisher Talks Leonardo DiCaprio’s Great Gatsby Performance: He’s ‘One Of The Greatest Actors Of Our Generation’

Isla Fisher only shares the screen with Leonardio DiCaprio for a single scene in Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby,” but the actress says she was blown away by Leo’s performance – and audiences will be too.

“Leo is the most perfect Jay Gatsby. He brings to it a childlike innocence,” Isla, who plays Myrtle Wilson in the upcoming film (based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel), told Access Hollywood at the “Gatsby” junket. “His obsession with Daisy doesn’t feel mentally ill. It’s just sort of passionate and misguided, but still romantic.

“Leo’s fabulous in everything — he’s one of the greatest actors of our generation,” she added. “But he has gone further than you could ever have imagined with this character, and really made [Gatsby] so multi-dimensional, and so flawed and so vulnerable, and yet so macho and sexy — everything that you want in Gatsby.”

In addition to Leo’s performance, Isla was thrilled by the movie’s elaborate costumes created by designer Catherine Martin.

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‘Gatsby’: Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher on Selling Out DiCaprio, Aussie Media Frenzy (Video)

The actors joke about calling in Leo sightings to a local radio station and the “lucrative sideline” of revealing set secrets.

Leonardo DiCaprio undoubtedly causes a media frenzy whenever he goes, but while filming The Great Gatsby in Australia, all of Sydney had their eyes peeled for the A-lister.

“The press just had a field day,” Joel Edgerton says of his co-star’s presence in his native land. Adds fellow Aussie Isla Fisher: “It was horrible. They had a radio show that treated him like he wasn’t even a person.”

Said show enlisted the help of local sleuths to call in any Leo spottings for broadcast on the airwaves.

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Vulture Broke the Bored to Death Movie News to Isla Fisher, and Yes, She Wants In

When Vulture first heard that there might be a Bored to Death movie, we got super excited and started spreading the good word — in some cases, breaking the news to folks who might actually be in the movie, should creator Jonathan Ames decide to include their characters. Yesterday afternoon, we had the distinct pleasure of informing Isla Fisher that a movie was in the works and got to witness her delight. “Oh my God!” she squealed, when we grabbed a quiet moment with her at a Great Gatsby event hosted by Tiffany & Co. and MAC Cosmetics (Fisher plays Myrtle Wilson). “My agents don’t tell me anything! I didn’t know!” And then she realized, “I’m in the season finale … that means I get to be in it! Did [Ames] say I’ll get to be in it? Do you know?”

Assuming Ames sticks to his original plan of putting her character, Rose, in a sanitarium to recover from accidental incest with Schwartzman’s character, we thought so, yes. “Oh, wow. Wow. I would love to play that. Fabulous. That’s something you can really sink your teeth into,” she said. “I loved working on that show. I remember, I came home and I said to my manager or agent, ‘That would be the perfect job for me, to have a regular gig, working with the nicest people. I love Jonathan Ames. I loved working with Jason Schwartzman. I loved it. Loved it.” Ames should be pleased at her enthusiasm, because one of his concerns was whether or not Fisher would be available to resume her role. “I’ll make myself available!” she giggled. “That is the best news. You’ve actually really made my day.” Glad to be of service. Ames, your move.


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Isla promoted The Great Gatsby on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Monday night, and looked fabulous in a little black lace dress whilst doing so. The interview was equal parts hilarious and awkward … they talked about Isla’s short legs, flying planes, the movie, and a strangely shaped mug! You can watch it yourself below, and we will have a downloadable version for you very soon. And in our Gallery you can find pretty HD screencaptures!

2013 – The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson x263

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We’ve hidden thirteen diamond playing cards — the Ace through King of Diamonds – in Now You See Me posters, photos and even in a crossword puzzle.

Every time you find one of the cards, Blipp it to uncover exclusive surprises, including videos from the stars of NOW YOU SEE ME.

Watch this video to learn more, and get started!

Find out more at the official Diamond Heist Challenge website!

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Summit have released the first 4 minutes of Now You See Me online – watch the film’s opening sequence below!