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January 2nd 2009   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

Isla is on the cover of the February issue of InStyle UK! It’s a gorgeous new image and I’m so excited to see the rest of the photoshoot! Could this possibly be the beginning of more magazines coming our way for Shopaholic? I certainly hope so! Many thanks to Jess for alerting us.

December 9th 2008   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

Horton Hears a Who is on DVD today December 9 on Region 1. Isla voices Dr. Mary Lou Larue. There are two versions available, single disc and two disc special edition. I will be renting this at some point to see if Isla appears on any features, but I don’t think the two disc is available so if anyone out there can confirm if there is any Isla on the disc, let me know!

December 5th 2008   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

Isla is on the cover of the Australian December issue of FHM. The photos are unfortunately not new but reprints, however it doesn’t hurt seeing them in HQ as Isla looks so gorgeous in them! Credit to Egotastic.

October 7th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Isla Fisher is featured in the new issue of Elle magazine with Nicole Kidman on the cover. We will have scans of the issue soon. You can already check out the article in our press archive and the stunning picture on your left.

“Women can be as broad as men can and so many are wasted playing the eye roller or the love interest,” she says. “There’s so many funny women—Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman, Anna Faris—and there’s an audience of women who are desperate to go out and see other women be funny.”

April 30th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Exciting news! The stunning Miss Fisher has made People‘s 100 Most Beautiful list this year! This is what they had to say about this hot mama:

Her fiery locks aren’t just a signature style – for Fisher, 32, they also provide a convenient excuse! “It was great having red hair as a kid because I had something to blame my temper on,” the Aussie actress says. “Now I go for the same color palette as Conan O’Brien. I did dye it blonde once, but it backfired, as I had nothing to blame my temper on!”

You can check out Isla’s entry at

February 18th 2008   Posted by: Maria   Leave A Comment

I’ve added four new articles/interviews with our lovely redhead, which include some quotes about co-star Ryan Reynolds, and how much Isla liked to work with him. She also talks about her family in one of the article and tells us that she likes bands like Oasis and Nirvana! One of the article contained a new photoshoot picture so click on the thumbnail next to here to view it :blush:

Isla Fisher’s Definite rise to success
Funny girl
Isla Fisher’s latest a labour of love
Isla Fisher Falls For Ryan

Some fun quotes:

“Everybody is in love with Ryan Reynolds,” Isla Fisher told me. “I just think if you open the dictionary and look up the world ‘smoldering,’ you should see his name. He’s gorgeous.”

“And also being kind of little and having red hair, you get teased a lot, and making jokes is a way to turn it around. I don’t mind making a fool of myself: let’s just put it that way!”

“I still write. I’d love to write more trashy chick-lit. At the moment I just rewrite my own lines, which probably annoys most directors – though, thankfully not Adam Brooks!”

February 17th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Miss Isla is featured in the March issue of US Cosmopolitan. Thanks to my dear friend Mycah we now have a scan of Isla’s page. It has a few quote snippets plus a gorgeous shot (which we have seen before). Here’s my favorite quote from it:

“Comedy has always been important in my family. If you got in a good joke at the dinner table, it meant more than almost anything else.”

February 10th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

The press archives have been updated with two new Definitely, Maybe related articles:

Isla Fisher has the last laugh
Fisher making a name for herself

Speaking of Definitely, Maybe, I had the chance to see it today and it was absolutely charming. Even though I am generally not a big fan of romantic comedies, I really enjoyed this one. It had a lot of heart, delived the laughs and the cast was just wonderful. I may be biased but I especially adored Isla Fisher as April Hoffman. The character was multilayered and Isla made her feel very real. Plus, she had the best lines and her chemistry with Ryan Reynolds was great. This is one of Isla’s best performances – certainly one for all fans to see. :happy: