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January 23rd 2012   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Isla is now in Park City, Utah to promote Bachelorette at the Sundance Film Festival, and yesterday she popped into the T-Mobile Google Music Village and a couple of photo studios. Isla was snapped with her co-star and fellow Aussie Rebel Wilson at the Music Village, and their other co-stars, including Kirsten Dunst and James Marsden, joined them for the two portrait sessions.

There will be a premiere for Bachelorette in the next few days, so we will definitely be seeing more of Miss Fisher and her co-stars at Sundance soon!

And continuing the Bachelorette love, I’ve replaced the first two stills from the movie with HQ versions.

“I love our group so much. We’re all staying together in a house here [at Sundance]!” – Kirsten Dunst on her Bachelorette co-stars

Sundance Film Festival – T-Mobile Google Music Village At The Lift – Day 3 x5
2012 – Session #001 x3
2012 – Session #002 x14
Bachelorette (2012) > Stills x2 replaced with HQ

December 8th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

The schedule for the upcoming January Sundance Film Festival was recently announced, and it was revealed that Bachelorette will receive it’s world premiere at the event! The festival runs from January 19th – 29th in Park City, Utah. No word on whether Isla will be in attendance, but we’ll keep you posted. For the full list of films premiereing at Sundance, check out

Not only do we have that exciting news, but we also have the first 3 stills from the movie! Two of the 3 feature the bridesmaids, and the 3rd shows our groom and his friends. Check out the 2 stills featuring Miss Isla in our Gallery, and head on over to to the see the 3rd still.

The official synopsis for the movie is as follows:

Unresolved issues between four high school friends come roaring back to life when the least popular of them gets engaged to one of the most eligible bachelors in New York City and asks the others to be bridesmaids in her wedding.

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November 30th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Yesterday I added various photos to the Gallery that I had lying around waiting to be added. They are various additional TV appearance stills and appearance photos, most notable of which are lots of cute additions from Isla’s 2009 appearance on The Early Show! Click here to see all the latest uploads to the Gallery.

I’ll be adding caps from Isla’s Bored To Death episodes in the coming days.

Last Uploads

November 9th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

The first poster and synopsis for Now You See Me have recently been released, and here they are, courtesy of, who call the film one of their “most anticipated films of 2013”. The poster and synopsis were released during the American Film Market, in which I believe the film was sold to distributors. Now You See Me is scheduled to open on January 18th 2013, and will begin filming early in the New Year.

The Four Horsemen, a magic super-group led by the charismatic ATLAS (Jesse Eisenberg), perform a pair of high-tech magic shows, first astonishing audiences by robbing a bank on another continent, and then exposing a white-collar criminal and funneling his millions into the audience members’ bank accounts.

FBI Special Agent DYLAN (Mark Ruffalo) is determined to make the magicians pay for their crimes—and to stop them before they pull off what promises to be an even more audacious heist. But he’s forced to partner with ALMA (Melanie Laurent), an Interpol detective about whom he is instantly suspicious. Out of desperation he turns to THADDEUS (Morgan Freeman), a famed magic debunker, who claims the bank heist was accomplished using disguises and video trickery. One thing Dylan and Alma agree on is that the Horsemen must have an outside point person, and that finding him (or her) is key to ending the magicians’ crime spree. Could it be Thaddeus? Or Alma? Or could it really be…magic?

As pressure mounts and the world awaits the Horsemen’s spectacular final trick, Dylan and Alma race to find an answer. But it soon becomes painfully clear that staying one step ahead of these masters of illusion is beyond the skills of any one man—or woman.

November 2nd 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Isla is still hard at work on the set of The Great Gatsby in Sydney, and we finally have more photos from the set! Isla was snapped looking colourful in full costume last week, and was filming a scene with a rather scary looking Joel Edgerton, who plays Tom Buchanan, the man Myrtle has an affair with, and Tobey Maguire. She was also seen chatting with Baz Luhrmann, Tobey Maguire and some of the other cast/crew. These are great photos – I love seeing her in Catherine Martin’s fabulous costumes, and alongside her co-stars and director! I think Isla is going to be a scene-stealer as Myrtle…

The Great Gatsby (2012) > On The Set – October 26th 2011 x43

September 26th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Isla was snapped looking lovely in white on the set of Bachelorette last week, filming a scene with Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. I’ve added photos into the Gallery for your viewing pleasure:

Bachelorette > On The Set – September 21st 2011 x11

September 11th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Things are quiet again in Isla-world this week – I expect she’s still filming Bachelorette in NYC, although sadly I haven’t seen any new photos!

So I just have a tiny, tiny update for you today – thanks to Angie I’ve been able to replace the first 7 photos from the 1999 Session #001 photoshoot with better quality versions. Isla looks so young and natural in this shoot!

I’m also slowly working on getting the content in the Isla section back up, but I’ll post more on that when more has been done in there 🙂

1999 – Session #001 x7 replaced with better quality

September 6th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

We are in luck, because yesterday I was able to find a great batch of photos of Isla and Kirsten Dunst on the set of Bachelorette, and in HQ, none-the-less! They are from September 1st, which is the same day the majority of ones I posted about in our previous update were from. There are some fantastic, clear shots from the shoot, and Isla looks gorgeous! I’m already excited for this movie … are you?

Also, I mentioned in our previous update that I was surprised to see Isla back in New York City filming another movie so soon after our first photos of her on the set of Gatsby in Australia – well provides further information, saying she was just there for rehearsals and costume fittings, and will return to that set soon:

Fisher, 35, snuck into Sydney last month for costume fittings and rehearsals and is expected back at Fox Studios in coming weeks.

Sounds like Miss Fisher will be a busy bee in the coming months, and I’m sure it will be worth it!

Enjoy the HQ photos from the set of Bachelorette in our Gallery:

Bachelorette (2012) > On The Set – September 1st 2011 x11