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August 23rd 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

More rarities for you today are from various old appearances in the 90’s, most of which I hadn’t seen before, and haven’t been posted here at IFW before! These include a few movie premieres in Sydney, various promotional work and appearances in the UK, and (perhaps best of all) 8 fantastic photos of Isla having fun with her Home & Away co-stars at the 1996 TV Week Logie Awards, where she was nominated for Most Popular Actress.

I was very excited to find these photos as I love old photos of Isla and I’d never seen these before, so I hope you enjoy them as well… Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have something to say!

Burke & Hare screencaps coming later this week, and Oliver Twist caps will follow soon after that…

1996 – “Idiot Box” Sydney Premiere x1
1996 – “The Birdcage” Sydney Premiere x1
1996 – TV Week Logie Awards x8
GMTV’s Half-Term Price Bonanza x5
Biggest Breakfast Appearance x3
Home & Away Party x1
Light Lunch Appearance x1
Sydney Festival Appearance x2

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I realised we didn’t have any screencaps from the Wedding Crashers DVD, so today I have rectified that. I’ve gone through the extras on my DVD and made screencaps from the few bits she’s featured in – sadly not much, but there is a cute shot of her pulling her biggest smile whilst on the set! This update includes caps from the teaser and theatrical trailers for the movie that were on the DVD, and Isla did feature quite a lot in the theatrical version. She was so hilarious in this movie!!

Wedding Crashers > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Bluefish x4
Wedding Crashers > DVD Screencaptures – Featurettes: Event Planning x7
Wedding Crashers > DVD Screencaptures – Featurettes: The Rules x34
Wedding Crashers > Teaser Trailer Screencaptures x17
Wedding Crashers > Theatrical Trailer Screencaptures x82

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For today’s update I have uploaded another batch of HQ appearance photos. They range from rare HQs from some 1999 events, to gorgeous additions from more recent events. View some of the more notable additions through the links and thumbnails below, and click here for our Last Uploads page, to see everything that’s been added.

We also have a scan from a 2009 issue of Italian Vanity Fair, and a previously unseen photo from a Burke & Hare promotional photoshoot. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get our hands on more from that photoshoot soon! Maybe they’ll be used to promote the film for it’s upcoming US theatrical release.

1996 – Smirnoff Awards x1 more
Dreamcast Millennium Cup 5-a-side Football Challenge x4 more
Launch of Strip 4 Shelter Fundraising to Help the Homeless x2 more
Variety Club Christmas Lunch x2 more
AFI Awards x3 more
“I Heart Huckabees” Los Angeles Premiere x38 more
Vanity Fair (It) – March 2009 x1
Burke and Hare (2010) > Promotional Photoshoot x1

Last Uploads

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As promised, I have screencaps from some of Isla’s early UK tv work for you – today I have capped her short appearance in the first episode of Hearts & Bones, a relationship drama screened in the UK in 2000. Isla played ‘Australian Barmaid’, and only had a couple of scenes and no lines. There isn’t much else to say on this role, so just go have a browse of our exclusive screencaps…!

EDIT: Oops, I just realised I missed a couple of short scenes. So another 12 caps have been added 😉

Hearts & Bones (2000) 1.1 – Screencaptures x47

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I’m working to fill in some missing albums in the Gallery, and have now added screencaps from 3 tv talk show appearances – Conan (hilarious interview!) and Good Morning America from 2009, and clips from this years Rachael Ray appearance. I really love Isla’s pink and yellow outfits in the two 2009 appearances! Enjoy all the gorgeous caps, and check back later for some more screencaps…

2009 – Late Night with Conan O’Brien x421
2009 – Good Morning America (Screencaptures) x162
2011 – Rachael Ray (Clip Screencaptures) x89

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After many months of work, our all-new Gallery is now ready and open! As I mentioned before, I had a lot of photos already saved so I decided it might be easiest to download the old Gallery, sort all the photos from it with the ones I had saved, and upload everything to a new Gallery. And we have some treats for you, Isla Fisher fans…

First off, we obviously have a new layout, which is an incredibly pretty creation made for us by former owner Mycah. It’s simple but oh-so-pretty, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

What’s new in the Gallery, you ask? We now have over 22,000 photos which is about 6,000 more than previously. Numerous public appearance photos have been replaced with HQ versions, and there are also new-old photos in there, including some great snaps with Heath Ledger at a Vanity Fair Party, and various Scooby Doo related appearances from 2002 that I hadn’t seen before. In the Television Series category we have some rare treats for you! I’ve added screencaps from Beastmaster (thanks to Maria <3), caps from Paradise Beach clips, and almost 500 photos from Miss Fisher’s popular and memorable role in Home & Away, including a full set of screencaps from the two DVD specials. She looks adorable as Shannon, I’m sure you’ll agree!! We’ll have screencaps from some of her Home & Away episodes soon too. More rarities can be found in the Other Projects > Presenting category, as I’ve come across some promotional photos and stills from Isla’s time presenting Scoop TV. A few new Photoshoots have been added, including some stunning ones from 2009 (including the ones seen in our layouts here and in the Gallery — two of my all-time favourite shoots!), additions to the 2007 Glamour photoshoot, and some fantastic additions from Unknown Years/the 90’s which I hadn’t seen before! And in the TV Appearances category some additional screencaps have been added, including some pics from some late 90’s appearances in the UK and from recent appearances on Chelsea Lately and MTV’s The Seven (see Isla juggle, and in HD none-the-less!).

Some of the most notable new additions are previewed below.

And what’s still to come? I’m hoping to be able to add blu-ray quality screencaps from The Wedding Crashers and Confessions Of A Shopaholic … if not, then good quality DVD caps will be added. We’ll also have caps from Burke & Hare and exclusive caps from some of Isla’s older UK work, including Hearts & Bones! I’ve recently come across a batch of really old, rare HQ appearance photos so I will get adding them in the next few days. And much more!

I really hope you enjoy browsing the new Gallery, as it is even more packed full of Isla goodies now!!

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Early last week Isla attended the premiere of the new off-Broadway show All New People in New York City, to support her Shopaholic co-star Krysten Ritter who stars in the play. I’ve added a few photos from the event to our (old) Gallery for you!

Isla and her family are currently living in New York City whilst her husband films his new movie.

All New People Premieres on Broadway x9

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Well this has come as a surprise! Isla was spotted filming what is being called a ‘cameo’ for the HBO TV series Bored To Death in Coney Island (New York City) on Monday! She was seen filming with star of the show, Jason Schwartzman, and was looking very smart in a cream and navy skirt suit. I think Isla will be playing a detective on the show. The outline of Bored To Death is as follows:

… stars Jason Schwartzman as a fictional Jonathan Ames – a writer based in Brooklyn, New York City, who moonlights as an unlicensed private detective.

You can find the official Bored To Death website here, although I haven’t seen any mention of Isla on there.

Unfortunately that’s all I can find about Isla’s appearance on the show so far! I’ll keep you posted when we get more details on this appearance. We have 28 HQ photos of her on the set in our Gallery for you to browse through…

Bored To Death (2011) > On the set – June 6th 2011 x28