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April 13th 2012   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Yesterday I added a new-old batch of photos from the set of Now You See Me, that were taken the day before the first batch we had a few weeks ago. Isla is seen walking around on set with Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson, wearing a blue blouse and dark jeans. Big thanks to my friend Lindsey for sending these to us!

I’ve also been super busy the last few days, researching Isla’s upcoming projects to write our In Development career page. I’ve now completed it as accurately and in depth as I can, providing you with all the latest information on the projects Isla is probably/hopefully still developing, including Groupies, Cookie Queen, and Life Coach. I just want to see more and more of Miss Fisher’s unique brand of funny on screen, so I hope some of these projects get a big greenlight soon.

Now You See Me (2013) > On The Set – March 22nd 2012 x34

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Filming for Now You See Me has now moved to Las Vegas, and Isla and her co-stars were spotted filming scenes on Monday afternoon. This week they’ve shot at the Aria hotel, including their Sky Villa suites, casino floor and valet areas, at the iconic signs at the Neon Museum and Boneyard on Monday, and the Golden Gate hotel on Tuesday. They won’t be filming at the MGM Grand though – during the filming in New Orleans earlier this year, sets were built to stand in for the famous hotel and casino, where a fight scene was set. David Copperfield is reportedly on set in Las Vegas this week. The movie also has scenes in Paris and New York.

I’ve added a couple of photos from the sighting to our Gallery, and will be on the lookout for more.

Contact Music have a short video with footage of the cast arriving on set, and Ace Showbiz and SunOfHollywood have a few more photos from this weeks filming.

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Following much research, I have now completed Career section pages for Isla’s Pantomime/Stage and Presenting work! I’ve spent quite a long time looking for information on this work, and have managed to put together some fairly in depth information for you, which I hope you will find interesting (I know I did!). Whilst researching, I also came across a couple of flyers for Isla’s pantomime production of Cinderella, which I have now added to the Gallery. There’s also a new-old 1990’s press interview, and a few new Trivia bits.

I just have to put together the Screenwriting, In Development and Filmography pages now…

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I now finally have coverage from Isla’s guest appearance on Bored To Death for you. She appeared on two episodes last year during it’s third season run, playing a character named Rose Hiney. Rose was a detective/Jonathan’s girlfriend/… Jonathan’s half-sister. She was her usual funny self and had some great one-liners. Plus it was an interesting change of pace seeing her in a television series. She also had great chemistry with lead star Jason Schwartzman who plays Jonathan. Unfortunately the series was cancelled in December, so any plans for Isla to return are now obviously not going to happen … which is a shame, as I really wanted to see what they did with her storyline!

As for the show-related updates, I’ve added stills and HD screencaptures from both of the episodes Isla appeared in. I’ve also written our filmography information page for the project, containing all the information I can find on Isla’s part, including exclusively written episode synopses, and a bunch of quotes I transcribed whilst watching. I’ll add clips from her episodes when I start completing the Video section.

Bored To Death > 3×07 ‘Forget the Herring’ – Screencaptures x272
Bored To Death > 3×08 ‘Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away’ – Screencaptures x46
Bored To Death > Episode Stills x10

April 2nd 2012   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

The filming for Now You See Me has now moved from New Orleans to New York City, and last week we finally got our first look at Isla on the set! Photos have surfaced of her filming on the Lower East Side last week with her co-stars Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson. Isla’s character is called Henley, a master illusion builder who helps the gang pull off their tricks. Photos from this sighting can be seen in our Gallery, and further down this post is a short video with footage of Isla and Jesse waiting to shoot a scene. It looks like Isla is having fun on this set (as always)!

The Daily Mail and OK Magazine also have some good pics from the set, which we unfortunately can’t post here. And you can see some great fan-taken photos here and here.

Now You See > On The Set – March 23rd 2012

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I’ve added various photos to the Gallery that I had lying around on my computer waiting to upload. All of the appearance and tv interview photo additions are HQ, and some are HQ replacements for photos we previously only had in a smaller size, and others are new to the site. All of the updated albums are listed below, and/or click the thumbnails below the list to be taken to the Gallery’s Last Uploads page to see the new additions.

The Emmy Awards – NBC’s ‘Friends’ Cast After Party – HQ replacements
GQ Men of the Year Awards & After Party – HQ replacements
The Golden Globe Awards (2007) – HQ replacements & new additions
“Definitely Maybe” New York Premiere – new additions
“Confessions Of A Shopaholic” New York Premiere – new additions
“Confessions Of A Shopaholic” Press Conference – HQ replacements
The Golden Globe Awards (2009) – new additions
Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic – HQ replacements
Sundance Film Festival – T-Mobile Google Music Village At The Lift – Day 3 – HQ replacements
2012 – Session #001 – HQ replacements
Photoshoots from Unknown Years > Miscellaneous – new additions
2011 – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Stills) – new additions
2009 – Late Night with Conan O’Brien (Stills) – new additions
TV Presenting – Scoop TV > Miscellaneous Screencaptures – new additions
Hot Rod (2007) > Official Site Screencaptures – new additions
Home & Away (1994-1997) > Miscellaneous Screencaps – new additions

February 25th 2012   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Continuing our DVD screencapture update run, I am excited to tell you that today I have uploaded over 500 HD screencaptures from Wedding Crashers! We all know that Isla played the “bipolar nymphomanic” Gloria in the riotous wedding comedy, which is her most famous and popular role to date. She was just so crazy and hilarious, and I think I love her performance in the film more and more each time I watch it! These screencaps are from the extended Unrated version, that featured 7 minutes of footage that was cut from the theatrical version.

Browse through the gorgeous HD screencaptures in our Gallery – I hope you enjoy them as much as I did 🙂

Wedding Crashers (2005) > Film Screencaptures x580

February 16th 2012   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

I have a great update for you today! I’ve added gorgeous HD screencaptures from Burke & Hare, in which Isla plays the determined but clueless Ginny. These screencaps are particularly nice because they are HD and therefore very good quality! I’ve also capped the DVD menu’s, but unfortunately there were no extras on my copy.

I wasn’t expecting much from the film to be honest, but I actually really enjoyed it, and thought it was a pretty smart and funny black comedy. Isla looks ravishing in the movie, and is totally hilarious and over-the-top as the ambitious Scottish actress! She really is brilliant at physical comedy.

Enjoy the pretty HD caps – I know I did! 🙂

Burke & Hare > Film Screencaptures x700
Burke & Hare > DVD Screencaptures – Menu’s x13